Wednesday, March 8, 2017

to rainbeaus who've considered suicide when they are enuf

after ntozake shange, kendrick lamar and gavin grimm

all our lives we gots to fight
all our lives
to use the bathroom
we gots to fight
to drink the water
we gots t' fight
to go to school
not all rubied and bruised
not all covered in phlegm
not all scoured from white wash
that wants to cut our dreads
that wants to take our drums of communication
that wants to erase our ancestors
that wants to circumcise our divinity

we gots t' fight
for a future
of non-gendered language
til we borderless again
naked and free
from political regime
like gawd intended

we gots t' fight
for a future
where they won't steal the blood
of our mothers
and flip it for some profit
where we harness the energy of the moon
causing spiritual boom

so listen now blood
the statue of liberty
is black and full of rage
so high lost her direction
pimp named agent orange
in her ear
with dreams of dominion
it only cost the roost

but once she take that red pill
she put that curanderismo
juba ju-ju on it
an' slay
she gather up primordial goddess n' ankh
an' be in formation AF
she instate the council of 13 grandmothers
she done with purified identity politik
an' waiting on old men to decide our fate
she blow out the torch an' say
all our live we gots t' fight