Friday, August 12, 2011

Black Man Just Like Me

Turn on Cops what do I see?
The cops beating a Black man who looks just like me.

Turn on the evening news what do I see?
Newscasters celebrating the conviction of a Black man who looks just like me.

Turn on MTV what do I see?
Mysogynistic lyrics from a Black man who looks just like me.

Turn on Sports Center what do I see?
Anchors laughing at the loss of a Black man who looks just like me.

Look in the mirror what do I see?
Tears of a Black man who looks just like me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Preach Fire

the natural function of transformation is fear
the fear of falling
more likely deprived
vindictive against marriage
the myth of education
to be treated
like a servent
saith Basquiat
a slave
humiliated by the cops
wages of sin
a recipe
for a riot
fear the
only way to
white people
need to learn
of themselves
then all will
be liberated
we know how
sinisterly money is
the blood
is either
yours or theirs
makes me
get the
the world
is White and
we are Black
The Great
White Judge
The Fear
of hope
we cannot
defend against
fear only
face them
the pimp
and the preacher
words are
the same
slain by the spirit of
guilt and fear
heaven would
not hear
through blindness
find salvation
how to break
the father
freedom through isolation
and immobalization
the oneness
of worship
for me it was
ha ha,
my goodness
very dualistic
he is me
not really
save the children
of Ham
so startling
to see good non-Christians
yep, the lack
of sensuality
in Xtianity
sleazy preachers
yes, the blood
can't wash your
Yes. The
church of
hatred I
to know
we are
this is why
white hippies
love Baldwin
fear connected
to hope
and start speaking to Her

Monday, February 21, 2011

break it down family. black history month 'bout done kame an' left. a new month rises but bodies swinging still echoe in the trees. i started this month reaching for something new in the ancient. i wanted to see what i needed reminding of. i picked up the fire next time by james baldwin. i used to aspire to write like him, but i love poetry too much. as i was reading i discovered that my pen was talking with and back to his wordship. i hope to benefit all who have and will read the one with some my prosetic review. where to start with the review?baldwin emphasized assumptions:
  1. before all critics you are blameless
  2. all but whites are silent and sullen
  3. your actions determine your gods
a letter to endangered black male youth:

if you don't believe their lies, nothing can stop you.
there is that which reparations cannot touch.
the law be damned.
the pain of this world becomes clearer
when we realize the audacity white people have
when other whites are suffering and their willingness
to shift that suffering
how little of this has changed
prison industrial complexion.