Wednesday, November 23, 2016

thanks-taking/Mni Wiconi v the black snake

to the Water Protectors,
 in the Wombs of Olokun,
genocidal cries
rise against the chains on their remains
Tatanka-Iyotanka rides
  his buffalo rumble in the distance
waiting for their day of vengeance
60 million
they killed 60 million buffalo
just 40 million less than MAAFA
black blood
in the bottom of the sea
mni wiconi
speak Water Protectors
against the snake’s water canon
  La Madre
cradles the suffering
but for those who cause suffering
she holds death in her hands
slow-flow-through-umbilical kind
  need I remind
if all are one
  then we pump out our own ancestors
 to burn under the sun
to get our lattes
a little faster
Water Protect-us
from our self-
  guzzling ways
Mni Wiconi
  never be thirsty

to the Fire Protectors
stomach churns of Pele
 don’t die of hypothermia
burned into the pavement
    of your mounds
in shopping malls
eyes of blue flame
when you call out the name
of the lost tribes
and they came
shrouded in animal skins
signing like Koko
let the truth in
puke the lies out
study their features
in the bucket before you
then scroll their deeds
so our prophecies can be freed

to the Nature Protectors
my Kali says
 the holy dark is moving too
and we were not ready
     may the athame/cuchilla be quick
an opening
Nana Buruku
to our true egg
a rebirth with streams in hand
mountain in mind
trees in hair
hurricanes in eyes
this ending will be a beginning
      morsels of our oppression
  ground to breath
most fouled in smog factories
most cancered epigenetically
filtered lead-filled springs
will burn from the faucet
all that destroys us
 is transmutated in our intentions
    and you are again
        the naked
        the sacred
    communing decolonized
with Divine

to the Mineral Protectors
Medusa’s might through blight and retribution
barbarians wanting trophies of the impossible
woman power
the stone people always win
      only we know at who's expense
 Griots tell tales
cellular memory
  post traumatic empire syndrome
severed roots
smothered branches
gmo’d histories
 to organic mysteries
to rites of passage destinies
     to Red Tent cities
matriarchal blood warriors
 5 gendered god-talkers
15 year old prophets
primordial grandmother ruler
to re-member again

And to the Earth Protectors
  Shekhinah fill your lungs
to walk the Guadalupana
from East Oakland
to the deserts of stolen Mexico
to embrace
two little girls
in a minute men dungeon
to silence their claims
on 7 generations of treaties
in blood bonds
the washed sack of Yemoja
the cradle her arms
where any warrior
would be proud to die and rise
rise and die
and sit
beneath Quan Yin
to learn of love
until the world ends

- Dark Prophet


Nivibes said...

Powerful poet. I know these words painfully burned through you as they now wash over us connecting severed nerves, causing a remembrance on this day of giving thanks. So I do to you ~

Mai Hakili said...

Thank you for this!